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Bob pelham

Above, Bob Pelham with Sandy MacBoozle - Thanks to Richard Pelham for the photo.

Robert Henry Pelham was born on 28th of February 1919 in Ripon, Yorkshire.  Fondly known as Bob to most.

Bob and Anne were married in 1951.


Bob served in the second world war, where he got his nickname Wonky Donkey, from making little push box puppets.

In May 1946 Bob decided to use his skills going into business making his Wonky Donkey toys on a larger scale.

Due to demand Bob needed more space and decided to to rent business premises in Marlborough, to continue making the Wonky animals that were becoming increasingly popular.

Bob solely hired ex-servicemen who could no longer serve due to injury or disability, providing employment to those who would otherwise be out of work.

He ran into problems as another company had already patented a design similar to Bob's. He therefore had to think of a new product.

Along came Wonky Toys Ltd with his first puppet called Chloe, who Bob said told him "make thousands of me".

Bob moved to Victoria House in Marlborough and created the first Sandy MacBoozle (pictured above).

Under the name Wonky Toys Ltd a variety of different characters were born.  Their wooden heads were turned by hand to start with.  Later the heads were made using machine turned  wooden balls.  The inspiration for this came when Bob saw a coconut shy game being played at Marlborough Fair, thought they would make the perfect puppet head and asked the stall owner for their suppliers details.

The company later changed its name to Pelham Puppets Ltd.

Bob wasnt just the creator and director of Pelham Puppets, he supposedly he hated paperwork and could often be found working hands-on the production line making  his beloved puppets.

Writing articles in the Pelpup Magazines, Bob would go by the name Pelpop.


On 19th of June 1980, Bob sadly passed away during the night from a sudden heart attack. He was just 61. 

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