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reproduction Boxes

Pelpop is excited to present these specially commissioned reproduction Pelham Puppet boxes. The dimensions are almost millimetre perfect to the original brown boxes supplied with puppets from the late 1940's and they are manufactured using a wire stitched technique from a high quality micron board.

A perfect replacement for those puppets without boxes. Ideal for safe and easy storage, smart display, increase resale value and add uniformity across your puppet collection.

Each box includes a sheet of acid free tissue paper as per original factory shipping.

Boxes are sold in minimum bundles of x4 in order to keep packing and shipping costs reasonable, therefore passing the bundle saving onto you the customer. Total cost for a x4 box bundle including UK shipping is £46.50 and all orders are sent second class recorded. Every effort is made to ship securely but Pelpop cannot accept responsibility for any damage in transit and any claims must be made to the Post Office directly.

Replica Pelham Puppet box labels are included (x1 per box) and supplied loose for you to fit. In order to safeguard against fakes, these are smaller than the original labels and printed with a subtle byline. See photos for numbered choices below.

Currently there are no other custom made high quality reproduction Pelham Puppet boxes available on the market that even come close to the original, as many an avid collector will attest.

Please send a cheque or postal order made out to Stuart Woodhead:


1st Floor

31 Bethlehem Street


DN31 1JQ

For those wishing to use PayPal - this is only offered if the payment is sent as a 'gift' not as payment for a service/goods, as this incurs additional fees and as such cost savings cannot be passed onto yourself. Any payments sent as a service/goods will automatically be returned and your order will be cancelled.

PayPal payments to:

All orders must include a note to say how many boxes you require in multiples of x4 as well as your full name and postal address. Please also state which labels you wish to be sent (numbered below) or an appropriate selection will be sent at random.


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