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peter carter-page

Peter Carter-Page was born in 1906 as Hugh William Carter-Page in Southgate, Middlesex, England, the son of middle-class family.  At the age of 19, the free-spirited Peter sailed to Canada where he made his way west to Victoria.  In 1937, together with his wife of 10 year, Audrey, he relocated to California, a humorist and cartoonist gained work as an animator at the Disney Studios in Hollywood in the 1930's.  He moved back to Victoria in 1941 where he enlisted in the army, but Disney soon called him back to do instructional films for the war effort.  After the war, Peter's marriage to Audrey ended and the handsome young artist soon met Rose, and they later married.

In 1949, the couple moved to Vancouver where Peter did more illustration work, including the famous CKNW radio " Top Dog" logo.

In 1961, Peter and Rose moved to Peter's native England, where Peter got work desiging marionettes for Pelham Puppets, no doubt to replace the master carver "Gill Leeper" who died as a result of a road accident in 1957.

In 1963, a new range of puppets were introduced which have become some of the most collectable Pelham Puppets.   These puppets were made from the first sets of moulds produced after the disastrous factory fire of October 1961.  Some were made for a few short years but others were made until the 90's and the prototypes were carved by Peter Carter-Page.  At first they sold well but as performing puppets they do not work as well as the standard SS, SL and SM ranges and so in 1966 almost half the range was discontinued and the stock being sold off at half price in 1967.

There are 31 in the range which is often called the 63 Animal Range.  Early on in production each had a sewn in tag to stop copies being made.  A year or so later this practice was discontinued.  During the moulding process it was normal to do runs of 40 moulded parts and so itis most likely that in some cases only 40 were ever produced.

After a few years working for Pelham Puppets, Peter's marriage to Rose disolved and Peter returned again to Victoria, where he married for a third time, to Peggy.  A lifetime smoker, Peter's life ended too soon when he succumbed to throat cancer in 1967.

Military training film describing the characteristics and details of operation of the Boys MK.1 Anti Tank Rifle.


 Ub Iwerks (uncredited)


 Billy BletcherPeter Carter Page

Thankyou to Richard Gaunt for the use of the biography he put together.

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