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Poem CArds

The puppet poem cards were illustrated by Vic & Ruth Granger, and we’re to be for the full range of new puppets Introduced in 1963.  Ruth Granger was also responsible for the illustrations in the book of twelve plays by Jan Bussell.

Burlington Belgravia was printed in Pelpup News 1963 No 5 and was about the Crow.

All of the poems were written by David Sinclair.

6 different cards are known to exist these are :- King, Queen, Mother Dragon, Wizard, Crow and only the art work for the Wicked Witch.

Pictures and article in Pelham Puppet Collectors Club No.19 Autumn 2000. By Dave Showler.

This article text by Huw Davies 6th October 2009.

The Poems from inside the cards read:-


You may think i look regal, 

And my robes are very fine,

But YOUR fortune, gentle reader,

Is a better one than mine....

Today I will be working

With the Chancellor, I fear, 

Discussing money matters, 

And I know he'll make it clear

There's such a lot in the Kingdom needs

And funds are very low-

And how we'll ever pay the bills

He really doesn't know!

Whilst you... Well You I understand

Have such a day ahead,

That anyone, yes ANYONE would change

      with you instead;

For tell me who would NOT be you,

You MUST be feeling gay

With all those happy hours to spend

On such a special day!


On birthdays people always seem

To send me such a lot

Of things that I don't really want

-Like honey by the pot!

It must be all the nursery rhymes

Suggesting it should be

Honey for my breakfast

And honey for my tea-

I think if I could eat it all

I's turn into a bee!

So if you have a party

And would like me to look in, I'd rather have a little cream

-Even from a tin!

And it wouldn't really matter

If I get a little fatter, 

For a Queen should never,

     Never be too thin!

But I really DO like parties

- And birthday ones the most,

That's why I'm sending this to you



Abracadabra - stir up the pot!

One touch of my wand

And what have we got?

You may, perhaps, smile, 

But don't dare to laugh-

-A wizard like ME

Can saaw you in half!

Abracadabra - I'm weaving a spell, 

Three drops of poison

Down a deep well!

Don't try to move

Whatever you do!

A wizard like ME


Abracadabra - and lots of green smoke,

-Don't worry, my dears,

-It's only a joke!


I've swallowed whole castles.

And gobbled up knights....

I've given the natives

All manner of frights....

I've bitten the things that a good dragon




I've lurked in dark forests

With fearsome intent,

To take to my lair

With a gleam in my eye

Any princesses fair

I should happen so spy...

And woe to the hero

Who thought that he could

See that they safely got out of the wood!

For those so foolish enough to aspire

I'd soon cool their ardour

By breathing Green Fire!

And (if you'll permit a poor dragon a joke)

I'd see that their troubles all ended up in smoke!


I'm Burlington Belgravia,

The smartest crow in town.

My Tailor live in Saville Row,

I never let him down!

They say my wardrobe is the best

That anyone could see,

I never wear a single thing

That isn't simply ME!

My collar is the latest cut, 

Its scalloped edge is NEW.

If all my ties were end to end

They'd stretch from here to Crewe!

I never stroll around the town

Without my snow-white spats;

It's said I'm bound to get ahead

By talking through my hats

oh! well ... perhaps my mother knows

The things a crow should wear...

But sometimes when I'm dressed this way

It's more than I can bear!

Why did she buy me this new hat?

What's wrong with those I've got?

It's just like wearing, upside down,

A kind of flower pot!

And tell me, in the summer time, 

Who ever heard of spats?

Fancy trying to pretend

They'll save me from the cats!

This wretched collar may look smart,

But must I wear a tie?

I feel so trussed up in these things

I don't think I can fly!


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Poem Card.jpg
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