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replica Boxes

These replica boxes have been handcrafted and measure almost to the MM as the original brown boxes.

They are wire stitched using 1250 micron board.

They are perfect replacements for those puppets without boxes.  They will include a sheet of acid free tissue paper.

Boxes are priced at £9.99 per box (boxes are sold in 4's)

Replica labels are included and supplied loose, these are smaller than original and state replica.

Postage is £6.50 for second class recorded.

Total for the 4 boxes including postage will be £46.46.

There are currently no other boxes available on the market that come anywhere close to original boxes, many collectors have spent years looking.

Please send a cheque or postal order made out to Stuart Woodhead


1st Floor

31 Bethlehem Street


DN31 1JQ

Please include a note to say how many you require and the postal address, Please also state which labels you wish to be sent.


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